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PADI Wreck Photographer distinctive speciality

Photographing wrecks presents challenges for the underwater photographer. The PADI Wreck Photographer speciality is a Dive Academy exclusive course which introduces the skills, knowledge, planning, organisation, procedures, techniques and enjoyment of wreck photography.

As a photographer you want to share the wonder of the underwater world with friends. The PADI Wreck Photographer speciality helps you to develop techniques to deal with challenges such as size and complexity of wrecks, selecting suitable perspective and lack of visibility.

Through knowledge workshops and dives you will:

  • Recognise the challenges of underwater wreck photography
  • Gain knowledge in how to deal with these challenges
  • Learn how to identify common features of various types of wreck including ships, planes and cars and explore basic composition techniques to photograph these features
  • Consider the safety implications and use safe diving practices and appropriate buddy procedures for wreck photography
  • Focus on protection of the marine environment and protection of species living on wrecks