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PADI Wreck Diver speciality

Whether purpose-sunk as an artificial reef for scuba divers or lost as the result of an accident, wrecks are fascinating windows to the past.

Ships, aeroplanes and even cars are fascinating to explore and usually teem with aquatic life. Each wreck dive offers a chance for discovery, potentially unlocking a mystery or finding something others have missed.

There are many different types of wrecks, some of which are protected by laws that guard their historical and cultural significance. Your training starts by reviewing guidelines for researching and respecting wrecks. During four dives you’ll learn:

  • Safety considerations for navigating and exploring wrecks
  • Surveying and mapping a wreck
  • Using penetration lines and reels to guide exploration
  • Techniques to avoid kicking up silt or disturbing the wreck and its inhabitants

We typically offer this course on one of our weekend trips to Stoney Cove in Leicestershire. The Stanegarth, an 18 metre long tug that spent it's life on inland waterways in the UK, is the perfect wreck to complete your Wreck Diver training with several entry and exit points.


Read what past students had to say about the PADI Wreck Diver speciality

Ben Kingshott
Frank and I descended on to the Stanegarth, the largest wreck I have dived yet. I was already excited at the thought of spending the weekend mapping it and using my new skills to formulate a plan to penetrate the wreck. How old is it? How did it get there? What aquatic life did it hold, all questions racing through my mind. Dive Academy had prepared me well. We had covered a lot of knowledge reviews and I was keen to demonstrate I had learnt from the great instructors. The PADI Wreck course and the expert tuition from Dive Academy allowed me and my buddy to plan and penetrate the wreck in a safe and structured way to safeguard both divers and the wreck. An amazing weekend.
Ben Kingshott
Ben Kingshott