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£5.99 delivered including an additional FREE Dive Academy branded wristband


Protect yourself by wearing one of these wristbands when returning from a dive to let medical personnel know that you are a scuba diver and they should not administer entonox if you should happen to be involved in an incident such as a road traffic collision.


Entonox, commonly known as laughing gas or nitrous oxide, is a gas mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen used for pain relief in various medical procedures. One of the reasons someone might receive Entonox is for pain management during labor and delivery, dental procedures, or certain medical treatments.


However, it is essential to avoid using Entonox after scuba diving due to an increased risk of decompression sickness. Ascending too quickly after a dive can lead to the formation of nitrogen bubbles in the body's tissues, causing decompression sickness. Nitrous oxide, a component of Entonox, can exacerbate this risk as it behaves differently in the body than nitrogen in air, increasing the chances of bubble formation during decompression.


It is crucial for divers to wait a sufficient amount of time before using Entonox to allow their bodies to safely off-gas excess nitrogen and prevent decompression-related complications.


For a limited time, when you purchase one of these wristbands we'll send you an additional Dive Academy branded wristband in a colour of your choice* for free!


*While stocks last, Dive Academy reserve the right to substitute colours if your choice is unavailable

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