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Take your diving experience to new depths with the Apeks MTX-RC regulator stage 3 set, designed to provide unparalleled performance, reliability, and comfort for both recreational and professional divers.

The Apeks MTX-RC regulator's cold-water capabilities make it a standout choice for divers exploring frigid and challenging dive environments. This regulator is designed with advanced features specifically geared towards ensuring reliable and comfortable performance in cold-water conditions.


  • Environmental Dry Seal: The MTX-RC first stage is equipped with an innovative Environmental Dry Seal that prevents water and contaminants from entering the internal mechanism. This seal keeps the critical components of the regulator dry, even in icy waters. The dry seal not only enhances the regulator's cold-water performance but also protects it from freezing, allowing for consistent and effortless breathing.
  • Over-Balanced Design: The MTX-RC regulator employs a fully over-balanced design. In cold-water diving, the surrounding water temperature can cause your air supply to decrease as you descend deeper. With an over-balanced design, the regulator compensates for this decrease, ensuring a consistent flow of air at any depth. This feature is particularly crucial in cold-water conditions, where maintaining sufficient airflow is essential for diver comfort and safety.
  • User-Friendly Controls: The MTX-RC regulator comes with user-adjustable features that allow divers to fine-tune the performance according to their individual preferences. The reversible venturi lever and adjustable inhalation control knob can be easily accessed, even while wearing thick gloves, making it convenient to adapt the regulator's settings on the go during cold-water dives.

It's time to take control with the MTX-RC, which combines rugged, military grade engineering with the super-smooth breathing experience you expect from an Apeks regulator.

Apeks MTX-RC Stage 3 DIN Regulator Set

£1,125.00 Regular Price
£999.00Sale Price
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