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Has it been a while since your last dive? Did you get your PADI a few years ago and haven't dived since or are you a holiday diver who has been trapped at home by Covid-19? We can help you refresh your skills and get ready to get in the water again with PADI ReActivate.


You'll start with some simple eLearning on your mobile or computer, reminding yourself of topics such as Dive Preparation and Diving Health and Fitness. You'll watch some videos then complete some quick questions to ensure you are happy with your progress. Before you come into Dive Academy for a session in our heated pool with a PADI Professional, you'll also complete a Quick Review - don't worry if there are some areas that are a little fuzzy, you can discuss that with our team when you come in.


Once you've completed your eLearning, it's time to come into Dive Academy and get ready to dive again. 

PADI Reactivate

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